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Making a difference starts at the community level. Local non-profits are the boots on the ground, solving problems that matter the most. Trellis Group is a coaching, consulting, and fractional leadership organization, specifically created to serve Christian leaders of mission organizations. Our approach is rooted in Christian values, action-oriented, and right-sized.

THE TRELLIS is a metaphor for the structure and support that an organization needs to bear fruit. Just like a vine needs a trellis to climb and spread its branches, organizations need a trellis to sustain and expand their impact. The trellis includes vision, values, strategy, culture, leadership, governance, systems, policies, and resources. These are the elements that shape and guide an organization’s identity and direction. But the trellis is not an end in itself. The purpose of the trellis is to enable the fruit. The fruit is the outcome and impact that an organization seeks to achieve in the world. The fruit is the lives transformed, the communities served, the problems solved, the needs met, to the glory of God.

Seven components make up the Trellis Framework: Mission and organizational clarity; Strong board; Healthy executive leadership; High performing teams; Intentional resource development; Purposeful marketing; and Impactful programs & products. Trellis Group was created specifically to strengthen Christian-led organizations through the lens of the trellis.

The Trellis Framework Process is the most comprehensive and efficient method for identifying gaps and building actionable plans for addressing gaps. Check out the Trellis mini assessment to begin. 

We believe that Christian-led organizations will become the model for healthy, growing, sustainable, and abundantly fruitful organizations that all other non-profits emulate.

Provide customized coaching, consulting, and fractional leadership at a right-sized cost specifically tailored for Christian-led organizations of any size.




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The Trellis Framework.

  Mission & organizational clarity

Mission and organizational clarity are necessary for setting the direction and culture of the organization. Said another way, Mission is what we do, vision is why we do it, and values are what is important to us along the way. Mission, Vision, and Values provide the filter through which decisions are made.

  Strong board

Strong boards embrace their responsibility to guide and guard the organization. Mission-fit board members are crucial for the success of a ministry. Among other things, boards are charged with strategic direction, financial oversight, and protection against mission drift.

  Healthy executive leadership

The senior executive of an organization must be healthy to carry out the responsibilities of the role.   The executive director of a nonprofit organization is the chief reminding officer, chief operating officer, chief cheerleader, and chief development officer. They are responsible for leading the charge with respect to the organization’s mission and vision.

  High performing teams

Pursuing faithful ministry necessitates building systems, processes, and policies to serve with excellence. 

  Intentional resource development

Intentional resource development is more than fundraising. Many non-profit organizations are finding it necessary to develop resources outside of contributions.  Regardless of the source, every relationship should be viewed as an opportunity for ministry. We trust God for the provision of resources. 

  Purposeful marketing

Purposeful marketing connects audiences with the ministry through engaging content while giving all the glory to God. 

  Impactful programs & products

Nonprofit ministries exist to impact the lives of others through relevant and effective programs by meeting temporal needs with a focus on the eternal.


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