Trellis Group Services

Trellis Group was formed specifically to help Christian leaders build organizations for greater impact. Through monthly coaching, project-specific consulting, or fractional leadership, we are ready to help you strengthen and grow your organization. Our services are intentionally right-size priced so that any non-profit, regardless of size, can take advantage of our services.  

Time is short, and there is work to be done; therefore, we are action-oriented. Working together should lead to action.
  • Organization Optimization Sprint –
    The “sprint” approach is helpful for accomplishing specific objectives and goals in the midst of the whirlwind.
  • Monthly coaching – Coaching is particularly helpful for new leaders or leaders looking for an experienced outside set of eyes and ears to work through the challenges of leading an organization.
  • Grant writing and grants management
  • Project-specific consulting –
    • Strategic planning – not your usual strategic planning, strategic planning 
    • Strategic plan implementation – already have a strategic plan but don’t have any idea how to implement it
    • New organization formation
    • Development audit and fundraising planning
    • Board development and training
    • Succession planning 
    • Communications audit and planning 
  • Training, workshops, and discussion facilitation
  • Mastermind cohorts